Free connection to a secure network.
The web not tracked by your ISP.

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Why people choose TzampaNet VPN

Works everywhere

No matter what country you live in we can help you regain your internet privacy.

Always available

24/7 Server Availability so you can enjoy our service any time.


Every server we have has a high-speed fiber connection enabling you not to lag behind.


Our ISPs' censorship bypass technology was built with the community in mind. From users to users.


We bypass ISPs' censorship by diguising the connection made to our servers as making a connection to your currently selected host.


More than 50% of the internet's traffic comes from mobile devices. That's our main focus, and we strive to making the best out of our product.

Free or Unlimited?

No trials. Use our VPN App for free as long as you want with a 250MB daily limit, or purchase an unlimited data plan.
Compare our plans and find the one that suits you best.

Web Privacy as it should be!

"In this day and age, no one can be sure about privacy online. ISP's track, log and censor our internet activity.
TzampaNET VPN is here to change that. A community-driven VPN app that disguises your web traffic as if it were from the host of your choice."

TzampaNET VPN Founders

Premium Plans' Features

Our Unlimited Plans come with extra benefits. Create a WiFi hotspot without root and block ads on your device. Did we mention priority support?

WiFi Hotspot w/o root

Block Ads

Priority Support